Who would get the seat on the bus?

Out of the pregnant lady, the man on crutches, the man with two children and the elderly lady, I would let the elder lady have my seat. This is because it is not actually known how pregnant the lady is. She could be two weeks or eight months pregnant. Also, the man with the two children would mean that three seats would have to be given up. As well, the man on crutches has managed to walk to and get on to the bus. The older lady will have been through more than all of the other people. Also, the lady will be brittle and might find it harder to stay upright for the entire journey. Also, the other passengers have brought their reasons upon themselves whereas the older female has not – she has just survived to live to a more mature age. Also, beceause of her age, th older lady has earnt respect. Some people may say that the weaker lady will die anyway; however, there are two reasons against that. Firstly, all of the people are going to die. Secondly, wouldn’t you feel guilty for the rest of your life if she died because you had not let her have your seat?

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