Who'd you offer your chair to?


Well, to be honest it was the toughest thing I had to think about all year but I found out that...

The man with the children doesn't need a chair because neither he or his two children will get hurt. The man could put one of the two children on his shoulders and he can hold the other one by the hand. Now that's an idea! And that proves that the man with the children doesn't need a chair.

If the elderly woman fell she could:

  • Die
  • Become disabled
  • Become seiriously injured

She really does need a chair!

The pregnant woman also needs a chair because if she fell over there would be a chance that her baby could get miscarried (loss of baby) and the woman could get hurt. It's not like the man with the two children! I'm telling you!

If you had cruches could you stand without falling on a bus? Well, yes you could. You could put both cruches in one hand and hold on with your other hand. It's pretty simple to be honest.

I personally think I'd either give my seat to the elderly or the pregnant woman. Who'd you give your seat to?

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