Why is this happening?


The people of Myanmar are suffering by being forced out of their own country by the neglect and carelessness of their leader. Being the leader she should care for the country and not blame it on other things such as terrorists.

She shouldnt be doing this since as the leader of a country in peril she needs to back up her country and care for her people. The refugees that are being perecuted are being treated like they dont belong and the leader isnt doing anything about it.

Aung San Suu Kyi recieved a nobel piece prize in 1991 and I believe she should be stripped of it. The neglect recieved by the Royhinga is too much especially in an enviroment and world where people should be accepted for who they are. Even if they are a different religion, why do they have to be treated wrongly?

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  • Have you considered if she doesn't want to make false accusations? Maybe she wanted to be 100% sure before she says anything. She accused terrorists and look where that has gotten her. To conclude, she might not have wanted to falsely accuse people.