Why this behavour from the Military?

I have been wondering if the military have any reasons to be hurting the rohingya. We know that they think they don't belong in Myanmar but is that really enough to be hurting and killing the these people? I doubt that the military is doing it for this one reason and from reading other people's comments it seems that the military are just doing it for this one reason. The Military must ahve reasons and I would love to find out some.

I have been putting myself in the shoes of the military and nothing comes to mind about why. If you were someone, in a country, where you think some people don't belong, what would you think?

Another question is does everone in the military actually want to be there and agree with their thougts. No one has said anything about people forcing the people in Myanmar join the military but is this one of the things they are hiding? I would love to hear from you but my dream would be some reasons from the Military!!!