Would you choose to save your younger sibling?


This post is inspired from reading 'The Hunger Games' in my school English class!

You attend a ceremony when one child's name gets picked out of a cyclinder tube, which rotates round. That person is then forced to attend a battle against 24 other children, ages from 12-18, where they have a pretty much certain death. Yet another child (of the same gender- YOU) can choose to step forward in their place.

If your younger brother/sister got picked out and they were only 12, compared to your 18 and you know that you would have a greater percentage of survival, would you step forward in their place, or would you choose to just let them fall into a trap of certain death?

I personally would step forward, to save them risking their life, because at such a young age you would not know what they can do/can't do. But what would you do?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    08 Oct 2018

    Unfortunately this isn't related to our current BNC Issue, and we can only have posts on the Hub that are. Thanks for sharing, but next time please write about Myanmar as we would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks.

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