How much fake news do you encounter on the web? ...and other questions!

In our final expert interview for this Issue, we put your questions to Aleksandra Kuzmanovic of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Aleksandra co-manages the WHO’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat (and mentions other platforms Tom had never heard of!) and she plays a big role in fighting COVID-19 misinformation. We'll let Aleksandra introduce herself...

Why do you think people on social media share fake news and misinformation?
sceptical_rainforest, Beaumont School

Is it a hard job to tell people about real news as no one really knows who to listen to?
modest_river, New Horizon's Children's Academy

It's not easy, especially because science is evolving everyday and we are learning so much. Also, not every science is like maths where it says clearly 1+1=2. There are different situations and circumstances that we need to take into account

Aleksandra Kuzmanovic on the difficulties of telling people about news

How do you deal with people who doubt the vaccine?
neat_avocado, Caister Academy

How much fake news do you encounter on the web? Is it more than there is truth?
reflective_arctic_fox, Hammond Junior School

What would you like to see social media companies do to their platforms to stop the spread of fake news?
miraculous_molecule, Hornsey School for Girls

A final message from Aleksandra!

Thank you to Aleksandra for her marvellous answers and for giving us a really interesting insight into the world of information, and misinformation, on social media.

What did you hear that you didn't know before? Will you do anything differently on social media in future? Add your answers to the comments below!

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