From Pandemic to Infodemic - Top Tips (Final Piece)

Hero image Pandemic

Did you know that 90% of the news were reported as negative news in the last year? Some people might not care about it, but for others it could include a range of emotions and could stop many viewers from listening to news that are of the positive headlines.

Too Much News

Sometimes, it is important to be active with the news, but it could also spread misinformation that could cause an infodemic. Based on the last post that I explained about an infodemic, it is an overload of information all jumbled up into ONE WHOLE headline and could be hard for members of the public to find the real truth (or evidence) into what REALLY happened. This can basically be a real problem because most people follow the news and this could cause a real confusion.

Top Tip

To find reliable news, try looking on a news app (or website) to check if the information that has been spoken about in the news is real or not. This is a good way of making sure what news is true or not true.

News sources

The news can create a wide range of emotions whether they’re positive or negative but as you keep on watching, it can make some viewers angry, stressed out, bored or even out of control! This can make it harder for some people to control their emotions and to get them calmed down.

Top Tip

Instead of watching these news programmes like CNN, Al Jazeera, NBC, BBC and/or Sky News ( most grown-ups may have to stay tuned to these news sources) I highly recommend to find a reliable news source for example: Newsround has all positive (and shockingly strange) news!

Numbers in the News

The news can obviously include a LOAD of numbers but some can be confusing, others can be OK and some may affect some people. For Example, you could say, ‘’UK death toll rises up by 2,314!’’ this can affect most citizens and this could actually worry them. If you said ‘’ A record million people have received their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine!’’ then it could start a big debate (argument). Half of the public may think it’s good news but others can think it’s fake.

Top Tip

Remember that if a news headline says something like only then it doesn’t mean that it’s negative or low (it could possibly be positive and high)

Story Shapers

The media has the opportunity to shape a story whether it’s negative or positive. This could be a problem because the whole media would have to decide if the story that’s being told is actually true or not. It is always recommended to go to a reliable news website that you trust so that you can have a look through the story.

I hope you enjoyed my final piece!


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