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Hello! I am the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and I oversee the MPs Code of Conduct. When I am not in Westminster I enjoy time in my garden, indulging my laundry and housework hobbies and being a taxi/advisory service to my three children. Another role I have taken up recently is that of Granny and outside of my day job, it’s the best job in the world.

What is the worst thing an MP could do in the House Commons to break the code of conduct?
lovable_writer, Graveney School

Hello lovable_writer – great name by the way – that is a really good question. Probably the worst thing an MP can do is to damage the reputation of the whole House of Commons or to damage the reputations of other MPs. I think you’d agree that poor behaviour by one student usually reflects on them rather than on their classmates. This is  generally true for politicians too.  Sometimes the reputation of everyone in a group can be damaged by the actions of a few but it isn’t always fair to generalise. 

Do you think politicians are doing everything they can to make their country great and why?
receptive_statement, Michael Faraday School

Hello receptive-statement. Yes I think most politicians do, but they disagree about what “great” is and about how to make the country great. What I have learned, especially in this role, is that for every person who thinks politicians are doing a great job, there will be one who thinks they aren’t. When you come to vote, and you really must vote, you need to decide what you think is great and why.

How did you feel when you see John Bercow shout 'ORDER!'?
artistic_opinion, Arnhem Wharf Primary School

Hello artistic- opinion… I think Mr Bercow shouting “ order “ has become a popular meme. Maybe it would have been better for his voice if he didn’t have to shout it quite so much!

Why do you do what you do, and do you enjoy it?
fair_sheep, New Horizons Childrens' Academy

Hello fair_sheep. Great Question… I do what I do because I passionately, absolutely passionately believe in our democracy and promoting high standards in public life. I don’t just enjoy it. I love it! Some days it can be really hard, some days I wonder why I do it, and every day I am so glad I have a fabulous team who are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced to work with. I do what I do knowing I have made a difference.

What do you think makes a good political leader?
charismatic_location, St. Gregory's Primary Catholic School

Hello charismatic- location. Ouch! That’s a tough one. A good political leader has the same qualities as any other good leader. People want to follow good leaders. Among other things, good political leaders need to know when to listen and when to speak out, be polite and respectful of others and sometimes say things other people don’t want to hear. It’s not easy….

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing and I think good political leaders know that well!

Yes I think most politicians do (everything they can to make their country great), but they disagree about what “great” is and about how to make the country great.

Kathryn Stone OBE

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