12th of December

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What happened on the 12 0f December 2019?

Millions of people went to polling stations accross the country and voted with 97% of people eligible to vote turning out. this resulted with a majority of 84 seats or constituances accross the country in favor of Boris Johnson`s Consevitive Party. This means that if the Connservitive Party or the Labor or any other minor parties wants to pass a legislation, if the Conservitave Party likes it, it will most likely pass through as it would need a majority vote and as they already have a majority it would pass. Your parents or even yourselves may have voted. Your vote may reflect the place or background you come from and this may influence your vote. Labor support working doctors and nurses and free healthcare and support another Brexit reforendum commented upon by the Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn who is leaving later in the year. On the other hand, the Consevitave are all for us leaving the EU as stated by most members aswell as the deal proposed by Johnson going though Parliment and this being the deal we will propose to the EU before the 20th of this month.

I personally went to my school hustings and went to find out more. I asked some questions and felt i knew who i would vote for though the Consevitave canndidate was ill and thus could not attend. The Libral Demorcrats were rather blury with there answers and i could not tell what they were trying to tell me. Labor were definatley more clear and i could see what they wanted but they failed to answer where they will get the money for these lavish ideas of transport with us spending £89 Billion on it and on a debate I saw at a later date, Corbyn said he would give Scotland its £77 billion it needs to push itself to hold for a while while it settles its foreign policies. I think that we can focus on ourselves and persuade the SNP not to have another referendum. Anyone who can have a say, say it now and help our country in all subject.

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