Battle between Prime Minister and people


My artwork’s key idea is Prime Minister and my key concept is power. They go together because the Prime Minister has power over people. I have shown these in my picture because it’s describing the Prime Minister being hot in the Sun and telling lots of people to get out from under an enormous umbrella so he can have shade all to himself but the people are arguing and throwing apples at him as if he has no power. I have used yellow as the light from the gigantic, flaming Sun and I have used red as the colour of the umbrella because it can get lots of people to see it. I have learnt that lots of people don’t listen to the Prime Minister and I think other people should know this because if you were Prime Minister doesn’t mean that you have power over everyone. I’d like people to be strong about my picture because if the Prime Minister told you to do something for him you don’t have to do it. I would like to call my artwork” Battle between Prime Minister and people.”

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