Can politicians do whatever they wish ?

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Can politicians do whatever they want?

Politicans have a lot of power, but can they do what they want all the time?

awesome_vegetable: Politicians cannot do whatever they want, as if they do, it can affect their power and can easily be forced to resign. However, politicians can do whatever they want as they have a lot of power. My opinion is: Politicians cannot do whatever they want as it will have dramatic side effects.

happy_politics: Politicians cannot do whatever they want as they are representing the country and if the UK need help then other nations could refuse to help due to that politician’s arrogance. However, politicians can do what they want as not all things are voted for by the public. Some are just voted for by their political party, and if they are the leader of that party, then they could attempt to convince them to agree. My opinion is: Politicians cannot do whatever they want as they could be badly represented and there may be protesters attempting to hurt them. It’s for their own good!

So we both think the same thing. But, can this change?

Houses of Parliament

Both houses (House of Commons and House of Lords) have to vote for something before it can take place. If the majority wins, it can happen. If not, then it can’t. This means that a politician alone cannot make something happen.

Prime Minister of the UK (Boris Johnson)

Boris can appoint and dismiss:

  • Other Cabinet users and ministers.
  • Policies and activities of all Government Departments.
  • All staff of the Civil Service.

He has control of all those people. He can do whatever he wishes with them. He can do whatever he likes.

Time for our opinions! Have they changed?

awesome_vegetable: My opinion has not changed. I still believe that Politicians cannot do whatever they want.

happy_politics: My opinion has not fully changed, but it has swayed me more to the opposition. Boris can do whatever he likes with those people. He can even fire them for no reason! That is why my opinion has slightly changed.

Thank you for reading!

awesome_vegetable and happy_politics.

Comments (11)

  • Hammond School logo miraculous_knowledge | Hammond Junior School A
    25 Jan 2020

    No I don't think that politicians can do whatever they want as the whole reason why their in the job in the first place is to lead the country and try and improve it. If they were to do whatever they wanted then maybe what they would do is something that will really upset the public or the country. If they did whatever they wanted then they could make decisions that might positively impact them and not everyone else. They could waist money on a holiday or maybe to try and get a better house. The decisions that they could make could be silly like only politicians can effect decisions an public have now no longer got the power that they used to have. Although if politicians could do whatever they wanted then they could use the power in a good way. They could use the money to improve the country or on climate change. They could help make rules that could save the planet like you must put all rubbish in the bin. They could spend money on helping the homeless or use some of it on charity. At the moment politicians don't have all of they power and they can't just do what they want and I really think that it should stay that way too!

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    1. Hammond School logo awesome_vegetable | Hammond Junior School A
      miraculous_knowledge's comment 12 Feb 2020

      I agree with you miraculous_ knowledge well done

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  • Phoenix-logo-250x250.jpg marvellous_tamarind | Phoenix Primary School
    25 Jan 2020

    No because people[even politics]don't have the right to do whatever they want like puting the city in danger

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  • Brompton Westbrook logo assertive_keyboard | Brompton Westbrook Primary School
    27 Jan 2020

    I think that politicians cannot do as they wish because if they do because if the people don't like it they wouldn't want to be in the country and sooner or later the population will go down

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    1. Hammond School logo awesome_vegetable | Hammond Junior School A
      assertive_keyboard's comment 28 Jan 2020

      They can't exactly do that because everything has to go by the government and they will not let that happen so they can't put the city in danger

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School convivial_shark | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    28 Jan 2020

    No because that is the whole point in having a priminester

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  • Hammond School logo friendly_twilight | Hammond Junior School A
    28 Jan 2020

    No I think the should not do what ever they want I think they should listen to the citizens opinions and think if they are good or not. Also they singed up for it so they have to do it

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  • Halsnead logo hopeful_city | Halsnead Primary School
    28 Jan 2020

    If politicians could do what they wanted then the world would be poor and all the politicians would have huge mansions and we would live on the streets

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    31 Jan 2020

    I do not think politicians can do whatever they want. I think this because:
    Firstly, if politicians did whatever they want then the public would not get a say. This means that lots of protests and disagreement might happen, this in turn would reduce productivity and the economy could go into recession if lots of disruption is caused. For example: China started to slowly intervene in Hong Kong and a law was passed that any criminal suspects were sent to China to be put on trial, since China is communist, any suspect would, 99 percent of the time, be guilty, Hong Kongers saw this as China tightening it's grip on Hong Kong, the people there feared{and still do} that China would take away it's democracy, huge protests happened, the economy of Hong Kong went into recession . If politicians did whatever they want then this would be going against democracy, protests might escalate to the point where happenings are similar to Hong Kong's, the economy could go into recession.
    Secondly, I partially agree with Hopeful City, if politicians did what ever they want then a lot of the politicians could use their power to their advantage, I think this because, they could pass laws that give more power to themselves, MPs could use their extra cash they get to use within their job to spend on themselves. For example: in the MP expenses scandal MPs spent that extra money on themselves, this showed lack of integrity, if MPs could do whatever they wanted they could do what many MPs did in the expenses scandal and spend the extra money on themselves without the consequences due to the fact that they could pass a law that states that they CAN spend the money on themselves.
    In conclusion, politicians can not do what they want because there will be lots of disagreement and MPs could spend their extra money on themselves instead of on the public.

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  • global-conversation.png gentle_raspberry | St Stephen's College Preparatory School | Hong Kong
    06 May 2020

    I don’t think politicians can do what ever they will be complained by someone easily and maybe they will be fired

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg ethical_cliff | New Horizons Children's Academy
    22 Jan 2021

    Great post i completly aggre with the points you made there

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