Did Justin Trudeau mean to be racist?

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Justin Trudeau was the priminister of Canada who wore 'brownface' makeup to a fancy dress party at the school where he taught. He was at an 'Arabian nights' theme party. He wore a turban and robes with his face neck and hands completely darkened. The party was in 2001 but it was only last year (2019) when the public found out.

I think all teachers should be setting a very good example to children.Justin Trudeau definitely was not thinking about that at the party.

I think even if he intended it to just be a bit of fun it certainly did not come out that way. The peoples reactions were what he probably should have thought about. This was quite racist however in 2001 the rules of racism were not as high as now. This does not mean he didn't do anything wrong though.

Trudeau was just 29 years old when he went to the party. In some of his interviews he said he should have known better. But he did say that he put on brown face makeup in high school too. Maybe thats why he did it when he was older. In high school his teachers could have been setting a bad example and doing it thenselfs

What do you think?

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