Does Donald Trump Fit USA's Guidelines For a Good President?

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Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about Donald Trump and whether he is a good president for USA. He has made a lot of questionable decisions relating to politics and war. While this doesn't directly affect the UK, we have some trade agreements with Donald Trump and his party and these are getting more fragile with the Republican Party's decision to try and start war with Iran. That is why I think we should discuss with and come up with a solution.

History of Donald Trump

If you still don't think we should discuss this, then this will hopefully convince you we should. Even before he was elected president he has still made some decisions that lots of people haven't agreed with. When he was just starting out as a businessman, he remamed his family's company to the Trump Organisation (it was recently named Elizabeth Trump and Son). While this seems a useless change, it shows he doesn't respect the former owner of the company, and he doesn't want it to relate to its founder. He also had no link to politics yet he managed to enter the election. He needs to have some sort of experience at running a certain area, or he will make bad decisions for the country, and this does clearly show. You might not know this, but Donald Trump actually got less votes than Hillary Clinton in the public vote, but more in the votes of the politicians. This shows that the public could have suspected that Donald Trump would make these decisions, and they tried to prevent it, but politicians thought he would be a better fit.

What Has He Done Recently?

As of late, Donald Trump has made some decisions that a lot of people haven't agreed with. For example, he decided to attack Iran's Supreme Leader when it could have been approached in a different way; maybe less aggressively. He could have thought about it for a while and concluded that the best stragety would be discussing it with Iran and maybe deciding upon an agreement. Because while Donald Trump and his party may think they are "right" in doing this, to Iran and a lot of the world they are in the wrong. If you do not know, Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iranian general Soleimani as tensions between Iran and the USA were high. I have read that his officials suggested this route, thinking he wouldn't agree to it, as a way to make him consider the other option (most presumably talking it through). But when Iran tried to attack some of USA's land, and that was all Donald Trump needed. Even though Iran shouldn't have done what they did, nor should have Donald Trump, and while either countries may think they are right, the answer is that they are both in the wrong.

What Does A USA President Actually Need?

Now that I have explained Donald Trump's actions, I need to actually answer the question I am posing in this post, or at least explain about it. A president has many specific roles, aside from just the general "running the country". There are, in fact, eight roles that all presidents have to abide by, and set an example in doing so. They include: Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Administrator and Chief Diplomat, and many would argue that Donald Trump isn't following some of those. The president is allowed to command armed forces, use the sign or veto (meaning resist) legislation, and most obviously they can run the country and make decisions privately to some degree - at some point the president has to agree a solution with fellow MPs. Essentially, they have a lot of power. On Monday, we were talking about power and what it meant to "have a lot of power". It means that you are in control to influence certain practices and behaviours to alter the course of events. In being the president of the USA, Donald Trump has a lot of power, but some suggest he is abusing the power and using it to benefit himself, and not using it to make decisions that benefit the people and the whole country, and to some extent the world.

That is all my evidence explaining why Donald Trump should be punished or impeached as the power he possesses shouldn't be under his control, rather in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. While I might me wrong about Donald Trump not making decisions, and he is actually doing something useful with his control over the USA, but I believe he is using it to help himself, and potentially making nonbeneficial agreements for the rest of the country.


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