Donald trump abuses Greta Thumberg

At DAVOS 2020 Trump hit hard at all climate activists across the world- especially Greta Thunberg, one of the most influential activists of all. He said, 'stop listening to prophets of doom.' Pointing it at climate activists who believe in a apocalyptic event happening if we do not solve climate change quickly. It was wrong for trump to say that due to the fact that presidents should be a good roll model and not be spiteful to anyone's personal opinion! We all have the right in democratic opinion to voice our views on a certain subject. About 1 year ago Donald trump made a very self centred opinion on climate change he quoted ' Our country is the cleanest we've ever been...and if every other place on earth is dirty, that's not good.' Why would you say this when you do not fully believe in climate chaos. Did Trump show good leadership by saying these potentially awfull things?

sources: Guardian News and BBC News

By Genuine_cat, zestful_mouse and buzzing_wasp

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