Donald Trump's soldiers attack on Iran and will it effect him?

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I think Donald Trump re-elected and not be the president of America. He has done loads of decisions that most people didn't like. Recently Trump has done an 'illegal' action by 'attacking' a Iranian soldier. He has said " I did this to not start a war,but prevent one." He sent troops from America to kill Iraq. This might start a war if Iran or Iraq has revenge it could lead to a war. Iran did attack American soldiers,but did not intend to kill them they just injured soldiers.

I think Iran attacked them to see what Donald Trump would decide to attack or to do nothing about it and only give treatment to the soldiers. Also they might of wanted to get him arrested if he attacked. If Donald Trump went to Iran he would get a lot of hate from protesters 'since the things hes done there he didn't take tribute to the thing he did. I don't know why he did the attack , but the rules should apply for anyone not just people that are above them. For example like a MOC or a president and the laws apply to everyone not just people who are MOC or a president.

He might of did this attack to help the country and to not let the military in Iran or Iraq start a war or they might kill some US soldiers because of the things Donald Trump did to them.

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