Final piece


My image is about responsibility. It shows a polititian knowing that its reponsibility is not to just to take care of the people but also take care of the animals and all living things that there is also a MP beside the politician so the polititian has more support on its decision.The politician in the picture is being accountable to the audience and not just taking care of himself but is taking care of the enviroment aswell so we all have a nice area and we are happy about where we live.I have chose to use recycling and no tipping or littering is because I think politicians and MP's have to take the responsibility about tipping and littering.

My image is also showing power.It is showing that the audience is listening to the politician and that shows that the politician has power because people support him and agree with him about his decision because they want a better life.The politician's idea is probably very powerful that the MP agree and that means the politician has nice ideas.Power is very important because if you don't have much power and support your idea may not work so this polititian needs power for it's idea to work which he does have support so his idea might work of no tipping and taking care of animals.

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