Is everything that politicians say true?

We can all argue that Donald Trump said he would make America great again but in reality this did not happen, but that's not what it's all about.

Over the weeks on BNC we have discussed the situation of politics and the dilemmas spreading throughout the world, things like world polution, Brexit and issues with Iran and America. But is everything that politions say are true, such as Russians interfiring with Americas election in the year of 2016. Polititions all lie for one reason: to get power or to get the magority otherwise there would never be the same results of a vote it would keep changing over days just becase of one tiny lie that turns out to be massive. Donald Trump previously made the statement that he would build a wall between the USA and Mexico this then ended up as a huge scandal just to up vote America as a lot of Americans believe that the Mexican ima garments shouldnt be coming into there country and stealing there jobs.

Although politions are not all bad people sometimes do really try and make what they said true but end up failing as either the country don't want it or it is too expensive to waste tons of money on as lots of people and company's need pay or they may corrupt like if the NHS didn't get paid we would have to pay money to get treated! It is great how our beloved U.K. is a democarcy where as other countries may be a thing called a dictatorship a dictatorship is when a country have one leader and that leader may just choose what will happen politically there are no votes no general elections it's all up to the dictator.

Prensently, our priminister is Boris Johnson, through the months not everyone has agreed with him and his choices. He promised us brexit on the 31st of October 2019 but due to shutt parliament down for 5 weeks this ambitious event failed to become a reality. Boris Johnson now faces huge pressure from this press of when brexit will happen and how, but he is trying everthing he can to help. But it still doesn't look like this will happen in the next few week or even months!

By, chatty_leopard and exellent_brain

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  • The Sherwood School giving_orangutan | The Sherwood School | United Kingdom
    20 Jan 2020

    In my opinion all politicians or leader says that they will make something great one day however it does not always go to plan. leaders who are well known in our generation have all said that 'Oh they are going to make England or a country great again' but us as the citizens have the right to vote who we think is going to accomplish all these things and they will definitely make that country great again in terms of tax, road tax, pensions and many more things. Around the world there are very great leaders that may have passed on or are still alive today such as Nelson Mandela, Jacinda Arden and many more. Politics has now become a widespread thing because there are things people worry about that has something to do with money or housing because the government are in charge of making sure that everyone no matter who they are deserve rights because if we did not have rights or rules we could have probably run out of oxygen as there will be no more trees or we will have extinct animals such as mountain leopards, elephants, pandas and a lot more things. Politicians are here for our wellbeing and our PM Boris Johnson wants the best he can do for England so politicians may not say everything that is the truth but the pint is that they are doing it for the wellbeing of the citizens of the country.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      giving_orangutan's comment 20 Jan 2020

      Do you think it's always true that politicians do things for the well-being of their country?

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    2. Ormiston Sudbury Academy openminded_llama | Ormiston Sudbury Academy | United Kingdom
      giving_orangutan's comment 21 Jan 2020

      I think that some leaders lie and cheat and are in it just for the money. what do you think about this?

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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg serious_song | Streatham Wells Primary School
    23 Jan 2020

    Some leaders say lies and forget about it and leave it to the side like brexit

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