Is the Prime Minister noticing the change?

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The Prime Minister of the UK is currently Boris Johnson as you all know.Quite a lot of us are aware about climate change and global warming.

The government and the Prime minister are suppose to make everyone happy. Climate change is effecting animals as well as us. In America, there have been wild fires and that is making it really hot. The Brazilian President, Jair M. Bolsonaro, has been setting fires upon the Amazon Rain forest located in Brazil. He has done that because he wants to make more meat factories . But that's not it ! People have been going out there to save the forest with barrels of water. The species and plants that live there are recovering still from the fires but they are starting to get better!But it gets worse. Polultions and Gas are getting sent into the air . Thats because of us. Geta Thumberg is a climate change activist and is speaking to the world about it. She's only 17 Years old ! There are many protests around the world . I hope you have respect for her ! We all know there's no planet B!Donald trump has also ignored it as well. I'm not sure what they discuss about but I'm pretty sure it's not about climate change or global warming ! The polution is sent into the air and people inhale this . It spreads around the world and this effects the Antarctic. It's melting ice and Polar bears can't swim. Penguins can but I'm not sure if they are gonna survive if there are dangerous sea animals lurking on the dephs of the waters. Boris Johnson is mostly talking about Brexit . And also other members of Parliament .

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