My artwork is about leadership my key idea and concept link together because to be a successful leader you have to be powerful respectful and a hard worker to get people to listen to you and your opinion for example the Queen is going to say her opinion for schools should stay open for children to be educated but if no one listens to her opinion schools can really be shut down and then children won’t know the time or the alphabet that’s why people should listen to what people have to say and be respectfull to there opinions before you start saying no . I have used the picture of the Queen and the England flag because it represents how long the Queen has been leading Britain which is 50 years and one thing that I have learnt is that leadership is important and the person that is in charge is a verry responsive and mature woman I think people should know this because if they want to be a leader one day they can read this .when people are looking at my work I want them to feel comfortable and intereactive My art works name is LAW that stands for leaders art work .

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