My artwork-Opposition/Democracy


My artwork is about opposition and democracy. I have decided to use opposition to show that people have opposites and will always be different, no matter how close the relationship. I have chosen these patterns because I am trying to send a message to say that people will have a different personality to you so we will all have different opinions to each other. On the hand in the top left corner, I have used a lot of patterns such as squares, circles, zig-zags and much more. I have done this to show that some people may be creative. On the hand at the bottom, I have tried to show that some people may like nature. In the top right corner, on this hand, I have tried to show that some people might be interested in science or space. I have used democracy to say that everyone has right to vote for what they think. In the middle of the picture, I have used the Earth because there are many people on the Earth and they are all different.

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