My Politician Poem.

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Leaders, Leaders, Leaders,

'An example to us',

They are the books, while we are the readers,

Then why do they cause such a fuss?

Boris Johnson wanted to close down parliament,

With not a morsel of him caring,

While we just sit and watch him go to a further extent,

What a coat of 'power' he is wearing. ( He is not specifically wearing a coat it just shows he has 'power')

As Donald Trump tweets,

His followers listen,

An Impeachment trial he meets,

Does his reputation still glisten?

With his fingers crossed behind his back,

He tells an untrue tale,

Him being a politician himself, it is honesty he lack(s),

With injustice like that, is Chris Huhne the one we should hail?

(He drove over the speed limit and put the blame on his wife)

A Member of Parliament as she was a Member of Stealing,

Her theft was not very appealing,

For all $4,874 Hazel Blears spent,

A homeless child slept hungry, for every cent. (For all the money she wasted, she could have donated it)

(She spent $400 a month on groceries and the rest on household items.)

John Prescott, a Deputy PM,

A protester thew an egg at him as he threw a punch at them,

Actions say more than your words,

At his role, what he did was quite absurd. (ridiculous)

(As a Prime Minister, assaulting a protester does not show a good example to his followers. It possibly may encourage other protesters to do the same and some followers may look down on him.)

He was young but racist,

Justin Trudeau, the 32nd Prime Minister of Canada,

He committed a deed that is now known by many faces,

However, this was in the past, and is now as old as Attica! (A historical country)

(He wore brown makeup though he was white. However, it was an Arabian-themed party)

'Money grows on trees' if there are any left,

Love is in the air but so is pollution, (Don't focus on finding a soulmate, focus on the ongoing problems on Earth.)

Climate change is making our world its nest, (It is taking over our world; taking a turn for the worse)

By wasting $16,000,000, is that Saad Hariri's solution? (To end climate change)

(The meaning of this stanza is that it was a waste of time for Saad Hariri to spend all of that money on a model instead of improving our environment and many more problems that are ongoing on the Earth. In addition, the meaning of the first line is that if money was to grow on trees, imagine how much would have to be cut to create $16,000,000?)

Leaders, Leaders, Leaders,

'An example to us',

They are the books, while we are the readers, (As you learn from a book, you learn from your Leader)

Then why do they cause such a fuss?

By memorable_orchard.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it. The main purpose of my post is that my point of view on what these politicians have done in a more creative form. I know that I have many questions inside this poem, I deliberately put them in so the reader (you) could put your point of view in the comments! I also will put my opinions about my question as if I put too many explanations it may have spoiled the vibe of the poem. Overall, this poem was to show that politicians choices can have big effects on them and their country. For example, Donald Trump's impeachment trial will lead to America having no President, meaning there will be nobody to make the decisions for America. Who will be able to take his place?

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