Should all major decisions go to a public referendum?

Personally I do not think all the countries big decisions should go to a public referendum. Some major decisions such as a law change shouldn’t go to a public referendum, because people would love a law change so they would be able to get more freedom! But if it might be something people love, then I think it should go to a public referendum. If it’s a minor decision needed to be made it should go to a vote in parliament, but if it comes a stale mate in parliament the prime minister’s side should win the majority. But if that causes outrage within parliament then they should take it to a public vote.

 Some people think all major or even slightly big decisions should become a public referendum

 Every person in the country deserves a rite to have a say in how our country is run.

 Half the time the decision parliament make causes an outrage within the public.

For example the public made the decision for brexit to happen within the UK. But because of their decision to leave the European Union the United Kingdom (The UK) have been stuck making an agreement to make life easier for us for the last three year, because of this major event the public shouldn’t be trusted to make these kind of vote in the neat future.

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