Should Politicians get punished for their bad action?

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Reasons for:

On one hand, they should go to they should as they are still human, and have the right punishment for their actions. Eventhough they are members of Pariliment, they should get punished or voted out ( as they need to make a good example for futre or wannbe politicians ). Like Hazel Blaze, once she had spent all the money on furnetre and food, she got voted out. If they do something bad or worse than Blaze, I think there seat in parliment should get risked.

Reasons against:

Looking from another perspective, they have been put in parliment for a reason, so people - and fellow politicians - know they are worthy to be put in the seat they are in. Also, memebers of the public could could influnce what they were going to do - and make an impact of their choices - as they may like them or not. If the polition is unliked in the area they are in, they could irriate them and the polition would fight back. This half means it was a natural defence.

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