Should the UK use a PR system?

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Should the UK use a PR system?

The UK uses a democratic system called plurality, this means that whichever party gets the most votes, wins. In other words, first past the post wins!

Plurality systems are generally less costly to operate while being arguably less fair than other systems because if a party gets one more vote than another party then than party wins and the people who voted differently are not properly represented. Plurality systems are easier to understand as they are less complex than other systems.

Our opinion: We think the UK should use proportional representation (PR) because it is fairer than all the other systems. In a PR system each party wins a share of the seats in parliament matching the share of votes that each party wins. This means that all the parties are represented properly and fairly. In a PR system it is about the vote share whereas in other systems it is about the votes. PR allows multiple people to be elected at one time whereas in other systems there is one winner, PR allows small parties to gain more seats and therefore get their voices heard. For example, the Green Party currently only has one MP, Caroline Lucas, but in a PR system other Green Party members will have a higher chance of being elected.


However, we do see disadvantages with using PR, one of them is that almost always you would end up with a coalition government [ two parties working together in government because there is no majority] which means that there might be more arguments and division between the parties. This might decrease overall progression of the country. To back up our argument, we look back to the LibDem-conservative coalition. Firstly, a coalition with two very different parties would obviously be problematic, and it was! The point we made before could also be bad because PR increases the chance of parties with extreme views to be elected into power. In Plurality, the top two parties are the most trusted due to being elected into power many times. PR means that new, small extreme parties can gain seats without most of the public knowing what they stand for.

By: Versatile_molecule and Genuine_cat

BNC skills used:

Open mindedness - We showed both sides of the argument using brainstand.

Reasoning - We provided clear evidence for our arguments.

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