The Battle Between Sun and Earth


Battle between Sun and Earth

Me and my group’s artwork is about opposition (our key idea) and power (our concept.) My key idea and concept link together because when someone has power, there will always be an opposition. For example, a group is more powerful than the other group which is the opposition. But the opposition still has power.

We have shown this in our artwork by painting the sun and earth. The earth is the opposition. Although the sun is large and powerful, the earth is still powerful. We have also used the stars as PM from the past, that were suns but have no power.

We have used yellow for the sun because in my opinion yellow is a bright and strong colour. Blue and green are more of a dull colour so we use it for the opposition.

I want people to know that just because there is a large group which is stronger than the other, it doesn’t mean the other group is weak.

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