The General Election and Responsibility


My artwork is about the general election and responsibility. I've chosen the general election and responsibility because your responsible for your party and you make descisions for your party and what you say for the people to support your decision. I also chose the general election because there are lots of different parties for people to vote for. I've shown this artwork by diamonds each small diamond is a person supporting the parties decisions and the big ones on the Podium are the leader of the party representing it. I have used the colours blue,red and yellow because it is the colour that represents their parties. I would like the audience while there reading to feel how hard it is running their party and that they have to be responsible for there party. The other thing other people should know is that MP's and the PM still have to follow the rules and the law. I've chosen this image because it shows that the leader of each party are making a speech to make people want to support their party.

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