The Hierarchy of Power


In my piece of artwork, it includes leadership my key idea and power my key concept. These link together because to be a great leader you’ll need to have power over people for example: if you were the leader of your party you will need great power to control otherwise people in your party won’t listen in fact if you’re making a point of view in the Houses of Parliament and the rest of your party is not listening how are you going to decide which laws will be held in the country, so this is why you’ll need power. But don’t abuse it!

I have shown in this in my artwork by using the Prime minister and MP’s. Level 1 is the Prime minister, at the top who has the most power of all and most leadership. The rest of the levels (2 and 3) who have 3% of power are the followers or the supporters who support the Prime minister.

The colours that I have used in my artwork is red because it’s a strong colour and it’s to show how powerful the prime minister and, because he has the most leadership. I’ve also used green as it’s not a powerful colour but still has little power and I’ve used grey since it has no power at all- but follow the leader. I used levels to symbolise who’s the important to the least important.

I have learnt you can talk to your local MP. I think other people show know this because if you have any problem you can talk to your MP or write a letter.

I want people to feel informed when they look at my artwork. I would call it “The Hierarchy of Power”.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    11 Feb 2020

    Nice explanation that uses lots of your learning from this Issue. Well done!

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