The political Climate

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Hye guys, it is your favourite blogger artistic_opinion and today I am going to be doing a post on the new issue politicians and power! Let's Begin!

The political climate

A lot of chat has been going on about the political climate and how politics is changing by the second. After researching much on this issue, I have come to the conclusion to say that everything that we used to know about politics and managing the country has changed. If you did not know, after the general election of 2019- which was the election the famous member of the UK Parliament: Dennis Skinner had lost his seat, after being the MP of the constituency of Bolsover. Moving on to the main talk of the post, as many people know, the United Kingdom had chosen the Tory Party; otherwise known as the conservatives to build a government and choose how the country is run. The conservative leader- Boris Johnson had shared his happiness with the world he stated

‘With this mandate, and with the majority we will, at last, be able to get Brexit done. So this election means that getting Brexit done is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British People. And with this election, we can put an end to miserable threats of a second referendum.’ -1

As of this short speech, it clearly is shown that the UK government will put on a priority for getting Brexit done. So you may ask. What has this got anything to do with the political climate and how it is changing. Well, as Mr Johnson has stated that they will get Brexit done. It clearly spells out that there shall be no to her talk but in the house of commons all that will be debated is Brexit ad how we can make deals with other countries for our benefit, therefore, changing the political systems put in place many years ago.

After examining a lot of evidence and going through many books and archives on politics I have to say that Brexit is going to change the system and how everything works as prices will go up and will affect us British Civilians most. To be fair I must congratulate Mr Johnson on his big win. After all, he had broken the red wall. A wall which had been famous for being mostly red for many years and had been broken in the general election of 2019 by the tory party, it was shocking that the town of Great Grimsby, a place known for being all labour had been destroyed and turned the tables in the election, all voting mostly for conservative.


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