The reasons why you shouldn't like Donald Trump.

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Once upon a time, there was a man called Donald Trump. He became the president of America, and a lot of people didn't like him. But, a lot of people liked him, so he stayed president for a while. But, now he's being impeached, so soon he might not be president anymore!

Did you know...

When he was walking out of his private jet, he pushed his wife out of the way, just to get down the stairs first! Also, he is deliberately ignoring climate change! And, you should see some of the things that he posts on twitter and other social media. Let's just say they are not very presidential. You might disagree with me here, but I personally think that building a wall between the USA and Mexico is quite mean, and a waste of resources because, I mean, people from Mexico will just be tempted to climb over it anyway. There is actually a YouTube video of people climbing over it!

These are some of the reasons why I dislike Donald Trump. Thanks for reading, and please comment in the comment section below:

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