Thoughts on Power

  • The hands represent two political parties. The man in the middle is the speaker. The coloured-in thumbs are the leaders of the party. They're having a vote to decide on policy. The red is in charge and the blues are the opposition.
  • The second image shows a leader who is telling the MPs to work and to solve problems. The MPs do the work without question. 99% of the credit goes to the leader despite the MPs doing all the work.
  • The third shows a leader who is followed around by his bad deeds. Since a leader usually has a lot of power I am showing that this leader has abused his power. My inspiration was Marley's ghost in A Christmas Carol.
  • Lots of politicians think they are more important than others. They're still people and are not more special. All the leaders seem to act in the same way, which is not to help people in need.
  • We've built politics and power because sometimes politicians seem to think they don't have to follow the rules they make because they think they are more important. The large wooden figure is deliberately bigger than the others and more messy to show this.
  • We've done general election and democracy. We've done this to show that people chose their leaders through voting and we also put what each part supports. The red party supports building more homeless shelters aand the blue party supports more shelters for animals and better education for children. It also shows that a politician can't be angry that their party didn't win because it's up to the people to decide.
  • This is leadership and justice. I have shown that you shouldn't pick on the basis of people you like so your choice should not be based on if you share the same religion or hair colour but it should be based on good intentions.
  • I chose Prime Ministers and responsibility. Prime Ministers must use their power to take care of their responsibilities. I am showing our two most recent prime ministers in the UK not acting on the increasing waste and rubbish. Theresa May has passed responsibility onto the new prime minister.

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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    06 Mar 2020

    {Explanation relating to previous comment}

    I did the Law and Democracy. Mine is the purple and yellow one in the back and now I'll explain.
    The reason I chose the setting was because Purple is dark and gloomy and Yellow is bright so you can infer that yellow is the "good side" and Purple the opposite. This represents politicians in general not being fair to their people and giving them their rights. To simplify and get into detail, I was specifically making a stage where their were two stages and there was a "portal" separating them. The "bad side" has stick people who are scared of the Law because it is taking "control of them" because the Law decides what you can and can not do so (what I have done) is make it look like they do not have the freedom to move and that's why there are pencil marks to make it look like they are paralysed so they can't move. There is also a speech bubble with no speech but instead with a frown in it to show they are unhappy.

    However on the "good side" there are more stick people than the "bad side" running with their hands in the air with happy faces in the bubble showing they are happy with a yellow background to set the mood. I have done this to show they are happy and appreciating their freedom. What this has to do with the Law and democracy is that they are not getting their say on how the Law SHOULD be made and (in this context) how they should be able to have freedom.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      spirited_insect's comment 09 Mar 2020

      A very valuable explanation, thank you spirited_insect. How should people have their say on how the law should be made?

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