Trump's Wall!

trump 2.jpeg

In my artwork I am representing power. Donald Trump has power over everyone in America and I'm showing this using the people he shut out by creating a wall. My key idea and concept link together because the president has power over all the other people even though they might not be the best leader. I have used orange (for Trump’s face) yellow (for the outline of his face) black and grey (for his suit). I have used Trump to represent Prime Minister or, in this case, president and I used the wall and small people to represent the power he has over them. I have learned that a good leader has to be honest and open-minded, they need integrity and they should be good role models to others. I want people to feel like Trump is a joke and what he does is hurtful and unnecessary, what he says is not always true like many leaders. I would call my artwork Trump’s Wall!

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