Was what Trump did wrong?

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Was what Trump did wrong?

Hey my fellow bnc how are you today? We have a very special guest with us today who will be helping us disscuss a really serious issue.

person 1: the issue is: Is what Trump did wrong? For all the people who do not know what has happened Trump bombed Iran and eneded up killing their genral.

Thats right and we are going to be disscussing if what he did was worth it and if it was all messed up.

person 4: Personally i think what he did was wrong. Iran did nothing to him and he killed their Genaral because he thought that they would be Compitetion.

lets hear from other children around the world. caller 1 wishes to stay annonymous.

caller 1: i think what he did was ok because he did it to protect his people.

But do you think protecting your people needs you to kill others?

Caller 1: no but it was what trump thought would be best. He probably thought it would make Iran scared to face America.

Wow what you said makes a lot of sense. lets here from another person. Here is another child who wishes for us to call them G.

G: i think what he did was wrong becaus iran did nothing to him or any other allies and one perso payed for his actions!

i think most people agree with the same thing... Iran did nothing to him so he shouldnt have done it but is there any diffrent tesons on why he shouldnt of done it?


well i guess we have to rap it u-


well that proves me wrong sombody eles wants to make point.

unkown caller 1: well i think it was wrong because 1st of all trump could have caused deaths to not just the genral but to lotsof other people.

that is very true!

unkown caller 1: i also think it is wrong to kill anybody, from gernrals to cleaners!

welp i think its time to wrap it up. i will see you for a part two next time.

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