What is Democracy?

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Democracy was originated during the the early Greeks as a way to give people the right to vote and so they did. Democracy is key because it gives every voice the chance to be heard and everyone gets to decide whatever or whoever wins the vote. This may later affect decisions and roles in the country so it is vital that you make a good decision. In a democracy the people have a say in how the government is run. Democracies are different from dictatorships. In a dictatorship one person called a dictator makes all the rules. Most men in Parliament used to believe that women did not know how the Parliamentary system worked and therefore decided to not let the women vote. The women were angry and one woman who was particularily raged was Emmeline Pankhurst who started a group called the Suffragettes. This group got larger and larger and riots and protests started to heat up causing the police to react. They started to attack but not one of them stopped. A lot of them were arrested and a lot were injured. But they still did not stop. After all this had happened, the Government reacted. They finally gave the right for woman to vote and they still vote now. Ever since then, Democracy in Britain has not been protested heavily.

But in other countries, the situation is not the same. In India, politics is a mess with secret spying and switching voting cards. For example, the opposition of the leading party faded one of the boxes so there was no way anybody could see the party's name. There are many other examples too but this is raising tensions between different countries. Democracy is a form of government which has helped many parts of the world.

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