Why did David Cameron call the Brexit referendum?

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David William Donald Cameron was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from the 11th of May 2010 to the 13th July 2016 . He was born on the 9th October 1966 making him the youngest Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for over 200 years .

Was David Cameron in favour of Brexit or remain?

According to the research that we have done, we believe that David Cameron called the Brexit referendum to show that the country was in favour of remain like him. To his surprise 52% of the population voted to leave the European Union making the majority of U.K. citizens in favour of Brexit.

Why did David Cameron call the Brexit referendum?

The right wing of the Conservative party and UKIP had been complaining frequently about the damage that the European Union has caused to the country so he decided to call a referendum , asking the country what their opinion was ( Brexit or remain).

When did the Brexit campaign begin?

Some politicians were becoming annoyed with the influence that the EU was having on the UK and wanted the matter looked into further.

In June 2012, a little less than 100 Conservative MPs called for a referendum " on the nature of our relation with the European Union" but this was rejected.

Calls for a referendum were still frequent from within the Conservative party. David Cameron promised that if they won the general election in 2015 that there would be a referendum on the topic of Brexit before the end of 2017.

In February 2016 David Cameron made it known that the referendum would be held on the 23rd of June that same year, and it did.

The build up to the Brexit referendum

David Cameron campaigned for remain up until the 23rd June 2016 ( when the referendum was held ) and was shocked when 52% of the population voted to leave the European Union. He then resigned from his role and Theresa May became Prime Minister.

We think that we have used reasoning and speaking up as our BNC skills.

Information found at metro.com and BBC news.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School reliable_raspberry | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    28 Jan 2020

    On one-hand there should not be an age limit for voting because it is not fair that children can’t vote for there rights and what they to happen because they are the further and they should have a say of what they want to happen. Children should be able to speak up. And children should be brave and not let people change your design for what you want.

    On the other hand children should not be able to vote because they can mess up the whole vote if they make people believe that there point is the best point just because they are children. But adults should be sceptical and see if they are responsible to vote if not they don’t vote. Adults should be reasoning and hear there point.

    In conclusion I think that children should be able to vote one because they are the further and adults should be open minded and hear there point first and then they can discuss what should happen.

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    1. Hammond School logo joyful_seagull | Hammond Junior School A
      reliable_raspberry's comment 30 Jan 2020

      We are not talking about the age limit on voting we are talking about the brexit referendum

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