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This is my final piece, a collabration with hardworking_introduction.

Billy: Welcome to BNC Sounds, I am Billy, I am here today with Carla and Ellie , here to talk all about protest. Carla, tell us your thoughts on the safety of protest to start us off?

Carla: So Billy, I think that protests are quite safe because there are many different types. There are some dangerous protests like riots however sometimes you can do a protest at home. You can do a protest online and share and like which makes more people see the problem and want to change it. So I think that even if you are nervous with the more physical protests there are many other solutions you can do to spread the message and fight for equality.

Billy: Thank you for your thoughts, Carla. Ellie I was wondering what you wanted to say about the safety of protests? Do you agree with Carla?

Ellie: Well, Billy. I think protest can be extremely dangerous! I mean, just as the Capitol riots and various other uncontrolled protests have demonstrated, there is a lot of danger in speaking your voice in these times! And clearly our police forces aren’t capable of holding back so many people, marches are essentially big herds of elephants with angry opinions all coming for you!

Billy: Well I see you both have strong opinions about that. Is there anything else either of you have to add on?

Carla: Sorry Billy but I have to disagree with Ellie! What she said is so disrespectful since just because she has an opinion on something it doesn’t mean that she should be calling others names. They are trying to spread awareness with the problems that we have on our hands! There are many other options for protest and even if it is not safe that is no way to talk about people. But that is truly unacceptable. Ellie, you have to say an apology and admit there are other options for protests.

Ellie: Well I’m sorry that I came on here to speak my opinion but I guess not everyone can agree all the time. I understand that there may be safer ways to protest than my examples, but it is still dangerous!

Billy: Okay ladies, thank you for both of your opinions and thoughts. Everyone listening, please text us at today so we can hear what you think! Anyways, moving on to the next question; what factors do you think are most, or least, important when it comes to protest?

Ellie: Firstly, you need to have a good statement. Like I have already stated, safety is a big ‘no-no’ factor when it comes to protest. Furthermore, a protest is only successful when it impacts or changes something and it is extraordinarily hard to get everyone, including the government and people of high power, to all agree and take action on something, which means, in the end, it is the government’s choice on what happens which means there is no point in protest at all. A protest may also be unsuccessful if people can’t be bothered to help, I mean think of all the people who sit at home all day- supporting something, nonetheless- but not doing anything to help.

Billy: Thank you for that outlook Ellie. Carla what do you have to say about this? Do you think Ellie’s point is agreeable or arguable?

Carla: Thank you Billy; so I think most of the time protests are very relevant, and I understand you shouldn't talk about about random issues eg: sandwiches or pens however, I think that most protests are very important and if we didn't have protests no one would hear the message or make a change on it. But I guess we should watch out for random and silly protests. I also think that even if the protest doesn't reach the goal as long as it has spread awareness and some action has been made for the situation then I would say it has been quite successful and if it is very important then everyone should work together to try and make others notice.

Billy: So now that we have discussed all the P.O.V (point of views) , let’s talk about whether or not protest actually works? Carla, you start us off!

Carla: Ok well, overall I think that protests work because when more people join the protest then more people realise the problem. As well as that, if we didn't have protests then our world would always have lots of inequality but if we all work together with protests maybe one day our world would have many more rights for those who need it!

Ellie: Hahaha, well I think you know by now that I DISAGREE with Carla (nothing personal) and I strongly DISAPPROVE of protest.

Billy: Okay, would you care to expand on that, Ellie?

Ellie: Overall, I disagree because I find it dangerous, a hassle and there could be much safer options of protest. I do think it is very important to raise awareness and help reduce/stop bad things. If more solutions to dangerous protests are introduced, I may be more open to the idea!

Billy: Haha, maybe that could be a whole nother podcast! Thank you both so very much for talking to us, I’m sure all of our listeners enjoyed it too.

Carla: Oh no worries, it was fun!

Ellie: Thank you for having me, and all of my controversial opinions, BNC sounds!

Billy: And we can't wait to hear all of your thoughts on this topic, be sure to text us! This is BNC sounds, bye for now!

We hope you enjoyed reading this, if you would like to hear the audio go to hardworking_introduction’s post!

Thank you for reading,

hardworking_apple and hardworking_introduction! :)

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