Did Trump's Protest work?

Featured Image: Protest 6

Incase you haven't heard about the recent protest, Im going to explain what happened.

When Donald Trump lost the election, His supporters were angry to know that their chosen candidate did not win the election. When Trump lost the election, instead of him conceding, he started causing problems and kept on lying to his people. The republican party believed him and they started protesting on the Capital Hill in the USA. This one wasn't a peaceful protest (I think this was a riot protest). There was so much violence that one women even got shot in the chest and is now dead. 4 protesters died. Luckily, the national guards later came and sorted this issue, however one police officer died. Windows were broken, hearts were shattered and tears were shedding. This protest will forever be in the history of America and will forever be remembered.

So Trump's protest didn't work because it backfired on him. He got banned from facebook then he got banned from twitter for giving false information. They're deciding if Trump should leave office before the end of his term for encouraging riot.

After that, Donald Trump later decided to give a speech and you will never guess what he said.... He talked about how his supporters will pay for the destruction they made. This proved that his supporters got decieved.

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