Does protest work? (Joint post with carful_moose)


Does protest work?

Hello! I am analytical_sea! And I am carful_moose! Today we are writing a joint post... having a go at answering the big question - Does protest work?

Our debate:

I think protest doesn't work because there was been many protests for things like racism and climate change, but those things haven't been stopped have they? So how come protests have worked?

What about the women's rights protests? If they didn't work, then how come women have jobs now that only men did back in those days?

But they still get payed less than some men in the same jobs as them? Wasn't that something they were trying to end as well?

Well, linking to your first point, no, racism and climate change haven't been stopped completely but awareness has been raised and yes, women still get payed less than men in some cases, but they achieved their main goal, and raised awareness. Perhaps in the future both genders will be payied the same amount of income in every case.

Why do all these protest causes have to take ages to change something? Why can't there just be one big protest that raises attention and changes what the protesters want changed?

The more protests, the more attention the cause gets.

But we've had sooooooooooooo many protests for LOADS of different great causes (e.g. Racism and Climate Change), but if they get so much attention then why haven't they been stopped?

But a lot of causes for protests have been stopped! And if we keep up like this, standing up for what we believe by protesting, the few very important causes will be 'stopped' or in the case of Women's rights, for example, something will be changed depending on the cause.


So, as you can see from our debate, a lot of causes for protest have been stopped or changed or whatever the the protesters wanted happening. In the end, I agreed with careful_moose (although agreed with her to begin with - I just wanted to write this post in debate-style) and she made good points. I managed to convince her! Yes, well you did, and maybe this post will convince other readers to agree with you, or indeed me, when they read it. Why did you even bother writing 'or indeed me'? Stop being cheeky!

Thank you you very much for reading this joint post by analytical_sea and carful_moose, from Hammond Junior School! Comment any thoughts or questions below, and one of us will answer it!! Bye!!

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