Issue 3 Thought Leader announced: Upton Cross!

What's a Thought Leader?

A Thought Leader is the club that we think have shown the best use of the BNC skills over the course of the Issue and really added to the quality of discussion on the Hub.

Why did Upton Cross Primary School win?

Upton Cross Primary School have made so many contributions on the Hub this Issue, with relatively few students. They have shot to second on the leaderboard and have shown deep thinking in their posts, comments, competition entries and questions and responses to experts. Their participation has enriched the quality of discussion on the Hub and helped us all think better. Well done, Upton Cross!

What's the prize?

Usually the winning school receives a special visit from the BNC team, which has not been possible recently due to coronavirus restrictions. So we're planning a special virtual after the half-term - watch this space, Upton Cross Primary School students!

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