prostest: does it work ?

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Host: hello everyone welcome to our podcast, today we have an argument to dicuss we have 2 people fighting for both sides. on one the side saying protests do work we have stewart.

Stewart: hi there protests work because they let the governmant know that we want change.

Host: on the other side saying protests dont work we have jackeline hello jackeline

Jackeline: hi there protests dont work because they reck the streets and the government dont need help from them there good enough to do it them selves

Host: so lets get started, why are protests ' working ' stewart

Stewart: they work really well . they let people express themselves so they know that they want change, if protests werent a thing then we wouldnt have a desicion.

Host: good point stewart but lets see why jackeline thinks that protests dont work. why do you think this ?

Jackeline: they are a disgrace to the earth because people are scared of the people in the protest and they also seem to take to far.

Host: good point there to jackeline, two really good points there folks, these people seem very confident about there side.Anyway that will be it remember to go on our website and cast your vote, by for now

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