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Host: Hello and welcome to Hammond school podcast.Today I am joined with two very special guests who will be debating whether protests are good or bad. Please welcome modest_glacier and understanding_contribution.

Host: Before we start, I want to let the audience know that understanding_ contribution will be stating that protests should not be allowed and modest_glacier will be stating why protests should be allowed.

Host: So, Modest_Glacier do you belive that all protests are fair?

Modest_glacier: In my opinion, I believe that half of all protests are good and bad. For example Riots are mostly violent and people mainly join Riots because they just want to create trouble. March protests are quite possitive though because all you do is just grab a sign and start protesting on whatever you are protesting about!

Host: Now lets go over to understanding_contribution. Why do you think protests shouldn't be allowed?

Understanding_contribution: I think that not all protests should be tolerated because although some are peaceful, others can involve violence like the massive riot in Washington DC where 4 people were killed while many suppported Donald Trump (former American president).

Host: This is the final question as we have ran out of time. If you were going to protest which one would you choose? Both of you can answer this.

Modest_glacier: That is a very good question! Well I would actually be in a March protest becuse everyone gathers round in one spot. Marches are less viloent than riots.

Host:Very positive Modest_glacier! šŸ˜

Understanding_Contribution: If I had to protest, I would choose a peaceful protest not a violent one because I don't want to break the law or commit a crime. I would probably choose a silent protest.

Host: Now thats all we have time for. Thanks for listening!

From Strong_quince,Understanding_Contribution and Modest_glacier.

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