Riots: Everything there is to know about them

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Let's have a quick reminder: What is a riot?

A riot is when you cause restlessness often in the streets to get your voice heard. This often includes destroying cars, setting fire to things, vandalism, fights and other illegal things. Police officers are often called to the scene, and they are sometimes fought by the protesters. In other words: a riot is when people do something illegal so that your message gets across.

Do riots work?

Riots rarely help your message get across and this is highly influenced by the news. This is because the news always focuses on the 7% of protests that include violence and unrest, but this isn't a good thing for protesters. The news will change your opinions on a protest that includes violence and their popularity will decrease. This means that even if your protest was on the news, it is just going to make it harder for you to have what you want. Riots don't tend to work. However, rarely they do work. It all depends on how the news tells the people listening what has happened in the protest. If they talk about it like it's a good thing, your protest will possibly work. If they talk about it like it's a bad thing, your protest will either not work at all or it will take a while to regain your popularity. There is also a risk of getting arrested.

What things do they do it riots?

In a riot, you might:

  • destroy a police officer's car
  • vandalise the road, pavement or nearby buildings
  • set fire to things
  • fight eachother
  • yell at police officers
  • damage nearby shops, restaurants, state-owned institutions, and religious buildings
  • do things that will draw attention to yourself and the other protesters
  • intentionally injure yourself or others

Is rioting illegal? If so, what is the punishment for being part of a riot?

To be part of a riot is ilegal and the federal crime of rioting is punishable by imprisonmen for up to five years, a fine and occasionally both. So, don't join a riot unless you are willing to pay a fine for it or get arrested for up to 5 years depending on how much damage was done in the riot.

What riots have happened in the past?

There have been so many riots in the past, from the 17 - 21st century. Lots of them happened in the USA for several reasons. I will list a few from the 20th century now:

  • 1907 – Bellingham riots (Bellingham, Washington, United States)
  • 1907 – Brown Dog riots, (London, UK)
  • 1916 – Everett massacre (Everett, Washington, United States)
  • 1918 – Rice Riots of 1918 (Japan)
  • 1919 – Red Summer (United States)
  • 1919 – Annapolis riot of 1919 (United States)
  • 1919 – May Day Riots (Cleveland, United States)
  • 1919 – Jenkins County, Georgia (United States)
  • 1919 – Charleston, South Carolina (United States)
  • 1919 – Bisbee, Arizona (United States)
  • 1919 – Longview, Texas (United States)
  • 1919 – Knoxville, Tennessee (United States)
  • 1919 – Omaha, Nebraska (United States)
  • 1919 – Chicago race riot (Chicago, United States)
  • 1921 – March Action (Mansfeld Land, Germany)
  • 1931 – Hawaii Riot (Hawaii, United States)

These are just a few of the thousands of riots that have happened in the past.

Thank you for reading this post.

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