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Life in Uganda isn't the best if you compare it to England, espically their presidency.

What has happened so far?

Not everyone knows this but the President of Uganda (Yoweri Museveni) has been a dictator for 30+ years. Ugandans have been trying to stop this for decades but President Museveni keeps sending the army to throw tear gass and kill them, except from one person, Bobi Wine. For the past few years he has been trying to motivate the people of Uganda as a politician. Recently, an election was held in Uganda so Bobi Wine had a chance to campain as he ran for president. As Bobi Wine was campaigning, President Museveni sent to army kill him, but what they didn't know was that Bobi had a bulletproof vest. At one point the army was trying to shoot Bobi in the head but they ended up shooting the driver in the eye. Everytime Bobi Wine campaigned, the army were sent to where he was campaigning to shoot him. Whilst that was happening, in the streets of the Capital(Kampala), there was a lot of violence. They were marching all around Kampala and what they left behind was debris. Yoweri Museveni had to do something about that so they called the army to go killing them. Cars were drove into crowds, tear gass being thrown, bullets being shot, it wasn't the place where you would want to be. Eventually, election day came, every ugandan thought it would be over but then Museveni rigged the whole election. Army were sent to threaten the people to leave the polling station and then they would change the votes to all Museveni.

What I think should happen?

Would would be best for all Ugandans is to stop the brutality and then everyone would be safe.

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