Why and should there be police at protest.

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A few days ago and I was on my homework my dad wanted to read my post that I made before and I said alright and then she came to a point where it was speaking about protest such as the BLM protest and the climate change protest well she said should try and research more of a police have to be at protest at all times so I went and I research and I found out why police have to be a protest well here are some of what I learnt but next with my opinions hope you enjoy

1. To make sure the place is civilised

The reason why police are at protest number one is to secure that the whole area is safe and there is no violent protest happening.

I think that's a very good for the police to be there at protest because no matter what you never know what humans could do. Protesting in general. Can be very dangerous as to there can be fighting hurting or even bombing as I said in one of my recent post which was "why to people have to go and ask the gorverment to protest and then the gorverment bring the police and the police end up closing down the protest" I said that protesting can be very dangerous. And are used a couple of examples and one of my best examples I think would imagine of an old lady was walking down the road and had just finished buying up groceries and there was a minor protest that was happening but it was very violent and police were throwing teargas on the road and the lady was walking down the same alley way that the protesters were walking home and the police accidentally threw take us right in front of the lady imagine how hot she could be just because of people protesting she could be really injured and really severely hurts like the protesters who might not be as hurt as the woman.

that's why I think police should be a protest at all time

2. The gorverment sent them

maybe the government might of sent the police have just in case the oprotesting Got to violent who who is an example that I don't think it's true but in my opinion let's use an example the BLM Protest imagine if there was a huge problem because something that wasn't right happened and has not been dealt with properly obviously people are protest because that is not right on time and on the country and the government know that this process could turn violent the government could be ready and send the police are out just in case the protesting time is very violent so then it's not a waste of time for someone to have to call the police because there is a huge problem going on and then the police come and try and stop it it's better for someone to get ready instead of having to wait and then they become late.

3. Because of the law

maybe if so the law could be like that for example imagine in any country there was a law that any time There was a protest the police had to be there all times no matter what no matter if it's a silent protest no matter if it's not even a violent protest they had to be there at all times

I disagree with this because it's too much pressure for the police they have to deal with other cases I'm not just protest they have other things to deal with with that could be even more important than this.

also imagine if a group of people were doing a silent protest and It twasn't Violent at all and there was no harm no noise no fighting on the heartache and the government know that that protest was going on imagine of this and the police had to stop that protest even though it was silent and there was no noise happening how are those people feel how would you feel how good the government feel and how are the police? This is why I disagree with this being a role and I don't think it should be ever be a law in any country!

I hope you agree with some points I made don't worry if you have any disagreements please be sure to leave in the comments are that I can learn from them and I can also add them in my purse so I can know more about this topic thank you bye

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