Syrian refugee Eid Aljazairli answers your questions!


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Meet Eid Aljazairli. Eid is currently at a swimming training camp in Spain so cannot send us a video, but he writes this about himself:

"My name is Eid Aljazairli and I arrived in the UK as a Syrian refugee in 2016. I now live in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, where I am studying Accounting and Finance at Kings College London, having gained a place thereafter completing a Kings College Foundation Course in 2020-21.

Though my journey to the UK from Damascus was hard — taking a total of 4-5 years — I have been determined since I arrived here to make the absolute best of myself.

In 2018, I came across a video of the US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and a dream was born in me: to become an Olympic swimmer. Although I had never swum before I practiced every day and with the amazing support of local swimming teams I was able to make enough progress to start training in the hope of being selected for the 2020 Refugee Olympic Team. I won the London Adult Achievement Award from Swim England 2019 and the Gold National Adult Achievement Award 2020.

Unfortunately, I did not make the Refugee Olympic team in 2021— the IOC asked for a time of 27-25s for the 50m freestyle to qualify with the team —My current best time for 50m Freestyle is 31.4s but my passion is as strong as ever, and I'm now determined to make the Paris 2024 Refugee Olympic Team."

Read more about his story here and watch a video about him below.

Read Eid's answers below!

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