Dr. Krish Kandiah answers your questions!

For each Project, we give you the chance to ask questions to experts on the topic.

Meet Dr. Krish Kandiah, social entrepreneur and founder of Sanctuary Foundation - an organisation which helps governments, individuals, community groups, churches, schools and businesses to step up to help Ukrainian refugees. We'll let Krish introduce himself...

What prompted you to do such great work?
fabulous_flight, Marka Prep. Girls School 2, Jordan

How does your organisation help with the mental well-being of refugees?
skillful_cranberry, School of Excellence Sector-23 Rohini, India

Mental health is a huge challenge...it's very likely for many of the children and their mothers that they may be bereaved whilst they are here in the UK... I try to gather experts together and say if we can't get access to professionals, is there anything that we need to know as amateurs, as neighbours, as friends, as colleagues....it's a little bit like first aid training

Krish Kandiah

How is your organisation funded?
amazing_reflection, Shohour High Public School, Lebanon

What difficulties and challenges have you encountered?
appreciative_pear, Shouka Prep Girls School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Do you get worried about the Russian government finding out about your work?
articulate_rock, Cheam Fields Primary Academy, United Kingdom

How can young people help refugees?
Tom @ Topical Talk

Could you invite politicians to come into your school and answer student questions about what your government is doing about refugees?

Krish Kandiah

A final message from Krish Kandiah!

A big thank you to Dr. Krish Kandiah for joining us and answering your questions. What fascinating and thoughtful answers!

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