Activity 4: How could these Headlines influence opinion?

Read the Headlines below - these are all from real newspapers.

Notice how they present different views about refugees.

Your challenge:

Pick ONE of the Headlines and answer the three questions on the graphic.

If all three questions feels too much, then just pick one question to focus on.

Refugees headline Refugees Headline 2 Refugees Headline 3

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  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    06 May 2022

    I pick the first headline titled ''REFUGEES ARE INVADING''. This can make the viewers or audience think that refugees are the bad people and just want to come into their country to invade(enter a place, situation, or sphere of activity in large numbers, especially for intrusive reasons). Just as I have said, the audience will build up a stereotype in their minds that refugees come for intrusive reasons. For example, armed soldiers invaded an Island to occupy it through war.

    A refugee like anyone else has emotions or rather feelings that can be triggered if there do something bad like this by the media. I always thought that all news is reliable but from my way of view, they are not and can make people being affected according to what they said to feel much worse because they know that a majority of people will believe the news and they won't get help from other people accept from organizations that will always help them.

    I think it is not good to show the crisis like this because we the audience, will be dehumanizing the refugees. The picture shows that refugees are good people because how can a bad person trying to invade a country, flee from a country with his or her children. The thing that makes people dehumanize the refugees through the newspaper is the headline that says refugees are INVADING. invading is mostly used to show that a group or one person is bringing trouble.

    I got the ideas from:

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    1. avatar.jpg Yaw @ Arup
      rational_grape's comment 09 May 2022

      Hello rational_grape, you make very salient points on misinformation by the media, how the audience will perceive refugees in a certain way, and how we might end up dehumanizing refugees. Also great for you to quote the source you are getting your information from.

      However, will you like to go a step further to provide measures on how the issues you raised from the first headline could be curtailed? Are there any medium for properly educating both the audience and refugees on legal routes to entering countries? Could we educate individuals/media on data privacy to avoid such images resurfacing without the consent of refugees?

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  • British Council.jpg contemplative_drum | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    06 May 2022

    I choose the the third one to talk about " WE ARE ALL HUMANS" and the first 2 questions.

    1)what this photo makes the public think and feel ?
    People who might see this photo can feel the pain that she feel by just looking in her eyes, they can see the memories of her childhood running away from war, trying to find stability in a place where you feel like an outsider. I got this from

    2) If a refugee sees this, how might they feel?
    The refugees who might see this photo can feel especially newcomers like they've had a limb severed. Of all the things that torment them, missing their friends and family is the hardest to bear. Back home in their own country, they were surrounded by relatives, neighbors, and friends. " With every passing day I feel like a candle, melting little by little.” Said by a Syrian refugee in lebanon, and this is a very sad sentence. I got this from

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  • British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    06 May 2022

    I chose the title: (We are all human beings) The number of refugees has risen to 250 million. We are all human, no matter what document of proof we carry. In 2016, world leaders adopted the New York Declaration to save people, protect rights and share responsibility towards immigrants. The declaration promised a global agreement on migration by 2018. It would be the first comprehensive and integrated agreement on this issue that would protect migrants. I believe that everyone should be treated equally and refugees should not be shown as goods or people of no value, in the end everyone has rights and duties We cannot ignore refugees or not consider them an emergency. They are a global problem that needs a solution. You can learn more through the following link:

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  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    07 May 2022

    News media networks affect the public's interest in politics by presenting the people what they want them to see which has big impacts on the public opinion. Here we can see the difference between different newspapers which is represented by the second and third newspapers, the one humanitarian ones that wish welfare for others, and the inflammatory ones that wants the opposite which is represented by the first newspaper. This site shows the effects of media bias on Public,impression%20to%20what%20they%20watch%20in%20news%20media
    I want to answer the questions of the second newspaper:

    1) Such photo and title will vive the sympathy in the public and plant in them the desire to help these refugees, since the photo contain innocent children who have the most impact on the public to try and help. This site shows

    2) Of course refugees will feel terrible for such seen as they see their children suffering, but at the same time they'll feel accepted, they'll feel optimistic that under the title "HELP US PLEASE!" there are people who feel them, there are people who are willing to donate for them, and aid them. This release some stress off these people who are suffering.

    3) It is fair in a way to show the crisis like this, because it plays an effective role in helping them by encouraging the public and the concerned ones to work for them and help these refugees, especially that especially in this time refugees need such help to settle.

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  • British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    09 May 2022

    I chose the title: (The Invasion of Refugees) The use of mobile phones, computers and social media such as WhatsApp at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan made it easy for them to move around without restrictions or barriers. before communication.
    The means of communication became a means of communicating with those who live outside the camp walls and these devices became the means of conveying their meaning. You can learn more through the following link

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