How to win stars this week: make links


How can I win stars this week? By making links

Well done to everyone who gave evidence last week.

Every week, Tom will record a video telling you what skill we are looking for that week, and will give his advice on how to do it (this week's video is below).

We will star the comments that we think show this advice in action!

This applies to both Headlines and Projects.

In this first week, we will focus on making links

You can make links and connections between...

Different questions:

"This question is linked to another question I have answered. That question is... and the link is..."

Different topics

"This topic links to another topic from Topical Talk. That topic is... and the link is..."

Different news stories

"This news story links to another news story I have seen. That news story is, and the link is..."

We will not always provide a comment to say why you have won the star - you'll need to check that week's video to know what we are starring.

Being on the Student Hub is not all about winning stars. The most important thing is that you learn new things, develop your skills and enjoy connecting with other people. Don't be worried if you don't win a star straight away!

Stars will continue to be awarded for any post that gets published, but remember - we only publish ten per week (out of many!) and so the easiest way to have your say and win stars is by adding comments.

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