Refugee rights

Throughout history, millions of refugees have benefited from refugee rights and international support. Many owe their lives to the system of international protection. It was after World War II that countries from all over the world agreed to grant fundamental rights to refugees. These rights were established in the 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees. So, what rights does this convention provide? one of its most important principles is that people cannot be sent back to their country of origin if this puts them at risk because of conflict or persecution. This principle is known as non-refoulement form or once they have crossed a border, refugees have the right to remain in safety in another country.

This includes more than just physical safety. Refugees should receive at least the same rights and basic help as any other foreigner who is a legal resident. These rights include the:

1)Freedom of thought.

2)Freedom of movement.

3)Freedom from torture and degrading treatment.

The Refugee Convention also grants refugees social and economic rights in the host country. Including the right to work and access to education, the right to provide for themselves and their families as well as the right to access health services, while some will be able to return home if the situation in their country becomes safe again and those who cannot return, remain. They can integrate into their host countries and try to get on with their lives. They learn the language, go to school, get a job and in some cases, they will even become citizens of their host country, depending on their situation. Some refugees may be transferred to a second country through a process called resettlement. They go through a very rigorous selection process involving UNHCR and receiving country.

My question.

Doy you think it is good to deny refugees their rights? Why?

What are other rights that should be given to refugees?

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  • British Council.jpg willing_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    04 May 2022

    Wonderful sheds modern light many things, the rights of refugees, but I would add to that really important is (the right to travel) and to prevent refugees from traveling from the host, and if there is an essential need to travel get a document from the Red Cross for one trip only. Why prevent refugees from traveling? More importantly, why has the Refugee Convention not been amended in proportion to the evolution and change taking place in the world?

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  • British Council.jpg constructive_moth | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    04 May 2022

    I do not think that it is good to deny refugees of their rights because every human has equal rights that cannot be denied to them and refugees are no exception. We cannot say that just because a particular group of people are refugees they can be denied of their rights. That is not true, every human has the same access to their fundamental rights.
    Someone who disagrees with me might say, it is good to deny refugees of their rights because they are inferior to normal people that are still in their country and do not have to leave and so the rights do not apply to them. Therefore, it is okay to deny them of their rights.

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 May 2022

    I think there are some rights that should be granted to refugees
    right to housing

    .The right to work

    .get an education

    .Get public aid

    The right to obtain identity and travel documents

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    05 May 2022

    I do not think that it is permissible to deprive anyone of their rights. Rights are very important. We are all individuals equal as human beings by virtue of the inherent dignity of the human being. All people are entitled to enjoy human rights without discrimination of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, ethnic origin, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, disability or property. place of birth, or other status, as indicated by human rights treaty bodies
    Rights are important to every individual, as they ensure that their needs are met
    Human rights guarantee that the basic needs of people are met. The individual has the right to live a decent life in his homeland and to have his basic requirements of medicine, food, water, clothes, and shelter available. There are still millions of people who lack the previous minimum basic requirements of life.

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  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    11 May 2022

    There are a lot of other rights that should be given to refugees. For example a post on topical talk shows that refugees are restricted to own their own houses in the host countries, they are just able to rent houses which causes them a lot of problems and suffering especially in countries that renting houses is very expensive.
    I think this right should be worked on it to be given for the refugees because they as humans should have their own houses to live in!
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