The role of youth in helping refugees

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My topic for today is the role of youth in helping refugees

Young people are the most intelligent segments of society and their ideas are wonderful

Many ideas have begun to be proposed around the world, especially by young people who use modern communication techniques to create ideas that help refugees feel stability and explore opportunities to complete their dreams and lives in host societies. These ideas stem from a basic conviction that the refugee is a human being who still possesses skills and competencies despite losing the foundations of his stability and being forcibly cut off from his homeland and his family and thus interrupting his normal life path. For example, a youth group in Brazil suggested converting a number of transport buses into food buses that allow refugees Cooking the dishes of their country, so that they present new flavors and different options to the community in the host countries, allowing the opportunity for cultural and social interaction between them and the members of the community.

My question is *If there are any roles for youth in helping refugees, write it in the comments*

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    12 May 2022

    This is an excellent question and one of our experts, Krish Kandiah, also answers it here:

    Can you learn anything new from him?

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  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    12 May 2022

    Thre are many things youths can do to help refugees suffering in the host country and sometimes when still fleeing conflict and persecution. Have you ever heard of the Walk a Campus in shoe poster exhibit? It was made by a group of youths who noticed how refugees suffer around them and decided to display posters soon it got to 20 universities which is a good number to start with. The exhibit can be shipped all over the world to make students realize and start caring about the refugee crisis.

    Technology is being advanced and now youths have embarrassed a new way of shining bright light on the refugee crisis. Youths can use the United Nations Virtual Reality which enables students to feel how it feels like to be in a refugee camp and all the challenges. Presenting the campaigns at your campuses, schools, or community centers is totally free, besides the cost of a VR headset

    The comment's statistics are from


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  • British Council.jpg rational_grape | Makini Academy | Kenya
    13 May 2022

    I was looking for more about what youths and children are doing to help refugees and spreading the bad news as they say, ''Bad news travels faster than good news.'' I read from the site that children should also be involved in helping refugees and this is because of a fundamental belief that when children and youth participate, they change the world around them. Recognizing and building upon how young people already share family burdens and serve a vital role in information transfer between the home and NGO coordination may help to bring about social stability. For example, the refugee crisis. Fractured traditional roles and channels of authority may provide an opportunity to introduce youth capacities in a manner that knits together communities in the generations.

    The Children, Youths, and Environments (CYE) stimulate discussions to support exclusive, sustainable, and good environments for children and I think it is good to let children and youths participate in helping refugees because of the following:
    1) It will stimulate children's thinking ability and creativity. For example, as we are doing our discussions on the student hub we are building our creative skills, problem-solving skills, listening skills, and others. With the young minds of children, new ideas can be removed from different sources and make a whole new idea. On the Student Hub, children from all around the world are participating and giving good ideas on stopping inequality and also helping refugees, I would wish to see one day if what we say can be put to action.
    2) When children are exposed to helping refugees they are making a path to an ever-stopping refuge.

    This idea is from the link:


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  • British Council.jpg amazing_reflection | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    15 May 2022

    There is a great link between your question and a question one of the experts "Krish Kandiah" answers, and the link is they both talk about the role of young people concerning helping refugees.
    Something the expert said really caught my attention, that one of these young people tried to sew some cloths with cotton for the Afghanistani refugees which shows the great emotions and sympathy youth have, she also invited her friends to work with her in order to provide Afghanistanis with clothes. This is a great initiative from youth to pay their role in helping refugees!

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  • British Council.jpg trusting_pear | Shohour High Public School | Lebanon
    16 May 2022

    Your question can be linked to another question was asked by a topical talker @appreciative_pear on how technology can help refugees. And the link is that when refugees especially the young of them are offered technology to work with, they will be more creative and the host country can benefit from their intelligence in a way of helping other refugees. For instance, by teaching them how to use jsuch technologies taking into consideration that youth have a larger ability to learn faster, maybe teach other refugees the native language of the host country and by convention they will benefit from that in business entrepreneurship when they're older.

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