ABC of space

Space Featured Image 1

Astronauts heading to the moon.

Buying their needed equipment, spending £135.

Coming to the flurry of constellations

Down and around the Earth

Every minute like an hour

Flying to their destination

Going forward through the ups and downs

Hadfield singing for his record, the first in space

In the sea of stars

Jumping through the space hatch and out into the unknown

Kingdom of the stars is being reached once more

Lumbering on with their heavy suits

Minerals being collected from majestic asteroids

No coming back now

On till the rocket returns to Earth

Picking the best route around

Quotes that suggest the moon tastes good

Running through the open galaxies

Slumbering through the open world of stars

Their toilet clogged by Russians

Uranus infront of their eyes

Velenuis the asteroid rocketing through space

Wanting to stay longer

Xalmius the asteroid seeming to be racing another

You wouldn’t want to leave

Zalum being drilled for minerals

Thank you for reading!

The asteroids are real, they are just not well known.


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